On a glorious sweep of untouched white sand beach, backed by coconut palms, pine trees and flowering cactus’s, The Beach House is right on the waterfront and basks in twelve hours of sunshine everyday. With magnificent panoramic sea views from all of its rooms, this is a truly idyllic setting – perfectly suited to quiet getaways or extravagant gatherings in your own secluded and utterly exclusive equatorial paradise.

Have your breakfast served to you on the beach and wile away your day gently swinging on the suspended bed by the sea. Relax with a massage, lounge on a sunbed for a siesta, then sip your sunset cocktail on the veranda, serenaded by the roar of the ocean and the song of exotic shore birds. By night, dine in style on the terrace with the very freshest fish cooked on the open grill in the beachside kitchen – and by all means, turn up the music, as there isn’t a neighbour in sight. A sojourn at The Beach House certainly feels like a privileged secret to be guarded – a cure for just about anything – and it is sure to satisfy, day after memorable day.

This luxurious three-floor villa is blissfully private, sitting in a walled estate of 10 acres, accessed by a long and winding sandy road. At high tide, the water laps up against the terrace seductively, and as the tide rolls out, beautiful azure rock pools emerge, making a dip in the sea quite irresistible. Local fishermen float past silently aboard their picturesque dhow sailboats while others punt along gracefully – offering an endearing glimpse into quaint coastal Kenyan life. An array of exquisite bird life decorates the seashore, completing the scene, seemingly just for your pleasure and the benefit of your photo album.

The sound of the Indian Ocean and the hum of the breeze are your only company here, as the nearest tarmac road is over ten kilometres away and visitors to the beach are thankfully infrequent. Directly in front of the house, a coral reef extends along the shore: this is part of a protected marine park offering wonderful snorkeling and scuba diving, as well as calm and peaceful swimming conditions all year round.

With a traditional Makuti thatched roof, a spacious, open-plan layout and homely décor, The Beach House is both tranquil and full of character. There is an alluring blend of local and imported antique furniture with a pleasing selection of interesting ornaments, collected over many decades.

There are two friendly and helpful housekeepers, Rehema and Ali, who speak good English and have a useful knowledge of the locality and customs. The house is guarded by two equally amicable and dependable Masai warriors, Daniel and Joel, who make a fire on the beach in the evenings and ensure that you feel well looked-after twenty-four hours a day. Our groundskeeper, John, will bring you flowers in the morning, freshly picked tropical fruit and culinary herbs – all straight from the garden. The staff have living quarters behind the house and can be called upon for anything you might need.

The house also has two affable canine residents: Simba is a thick-set Ridgeback who patrols the colourful garden and Don is a lovable half-Ridgeback, who will be keen to follow you around, if permitted, wagging her tail and warning you of any guests’ arrival. Both dogs are child-friendly yet formidable substitutes for an alarm system.

The Beach House is the home of two jovial English brothers with interesting backgrounds: the elder has had a long and diverse career including international art dealing as well as film and West End theatre production – he also found time to create the world-famous Chinawhite nightclub in London. The younger brother competed in Formula One in the late seventies and has had a long career in endurance racing around the world for many years.  He continues to race historic cars in prestigious events all over the globe.

The neighbouring land is owned by their good friend Flavio Briatore, a former F1 team owner, who is also proprietor of Lion in the Sun, a five star resort and spa and Billionaire, his beach club and Casino in Malindi.

Mr Briatore will rent his luxurious pleasure boat to guests at The Beach House, by special request.

The house can be rented as a whole or room-by-room.